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We are Engineer Specialists in Structural Optimization, Strength Calculation, Fatigue Life assessment of new and existing design Experts in Finite Element Analysis, Femap and Nastran, Offshore & Marine, Amusement Park, Aerospace, Cranes. 

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Automated Analysis with   

This tool allows for structural and fatigue analysis according to established standards such ABS 2004/2014, DNV 1995/RP-C201 2010 and Eurocode 3. SDC Verifier automates all possible routine work and reduces verification process and report generation time of the engineering project significantly.

It is compatible with  ,      and  .

Online Training with  

EnterFEA brings a comprehensive suite of online FEA courses and mentoring, suitable for Students and Professionals of all experience level

Engineering Consultancy

We have deep expertise in handling many types of Engineering Projects. From designing complete Offshore Rigs structure to optimizing structural integrity in theme park chairs, we have the experience to aid you in your engineering needs. If you need an Engineering Solution, look no further.

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Engineering Consultancy We specialize in the following domains:Structural Design OptimizationSta...
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SDC Verifier SDC Verifier is a powerful post-processor program with an advanced calculation core
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Classroom Courses Our classroom courses are catered towards users of all experience levels: from ...
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